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Disaster Management Project (DMP):

Duration: 01.04.2005 to ongoing.

Objective: Disaster risk reduction through developing awareness and resilience capacity of the community people in disaster management.

Major activities: Community awareness raising, training on disaster preparedness & management; undertaking rescue operation, emergency response and rehabilitation initiatives.

Implementation process: NDP has its own contingency plan with disaster management committee at different levels. In operating emergency response and rehabilitation works, NDP works in collaboration with local administration and DMC.

Source of fund: Organization’s own fund and supports from different donors.


Development of Climate Resilient Community Project:

Duration: 11.09.2013 to 10.09.2016

Objective: To change livelihoods of poor people mitigating the effects caused by climate change.

Major activities: Community need identification, pond re-excavation, supports for cattle (goat) house making, distribution of goat and sheep and improve oven (bandhu chula).

Implementation process: The project is focused on identifying the climate change effect towards livelihoods of the poor people and tries to mitigate the effects promoting need based interventions.

Source of fund: PKSF.


Energy & Environment Project:

Duration: 01.07.2014 to 30.06.2016

Objective: To promote biogas plants, improve cook stoves and solar panel thus contribute towards restoring green earth, energy savings and reduce air pollution.

Major activities: Sensitizing meetings on the benefit of bio-gas plants, retained heat cooker and solar panel, construction/installation supports, assistance for financial supports and follow-up.

Implementation process: There are three components- bio-gas plants, retained heat cooker and solar panel. Sensitizing meetings done through video-show and the interested persons are assisted in construction/installation the items, assist for getting credit supports and door-step follow-up services.

Source of fund: IDCOL (Infrastructure Development Company limited).





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