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Disability and Development Project:

Duration: 01.01.2000 to ongoing.

Objective: Change livelihoods of the PWD (people with special ability) through developing capacities and raising community awareness and social responsibilities on disability issues.

Major activities: Community awareness raising, self-help group/CBO formation, meeting, seminar and workshops; publicity, PRT services, referral services, assistive device support, IGA support, rehabilitation and social inclusion.

Implementation process: The trained CHDRP (community handicapped and disability resource person) provide PRT (primary rehabilitation therapy) services free of cost to the PWD patient regularly at NDP’s health service center and door steps follow-up at their households level. Further, referral and assistive device supports are provided to the poor PWD clients free of cost. CDD as the development partner has been providing required technical supports.

Source of fund: Organization’s own fund.


Education Supports Programme:

Duration: 01.03.2010 to ongoing.

Objective: Promote quality education for the poor children of the households in both urban (slum) and rural areas of Sirajgonj and Pabna district.

Components: There are two components- a) early childhood care and development (ECCD) centers and b) sikkha charcha kendra.

Major activities: Operation of ECCD centers and Shikhha Charcha Kendra, annual promotion test; assisting in primary school admission; and conduction of parents and CMC meetings.

Implementation process: The ECCD centers operate in the slums areas of Sirajgonj pourasava and rural areas of Bera under Pabna district, each with 40 learners/students. EECD sits in the morning shift and the shikhha charcha kendra in the afternoon shift to provide coaching guides for the poor children. The centers run under effective cooperation of the center management committee (CMC) and linkage with the GoB department of primary education. Also, stipends provided to the poor meritorious students.

Source of fund: PKSF (MFP) and NDP’s own fund.


ENRICH/Samriddhi Project:

Duration: 01.08.2013 to 30.06.2018

Objective: To eliminate poverty promoting sustainable livelihoods through enhancing resources and increase capacities of the poor households.

Major activities: Development of database, need identification, assist in making households development plan, out-door health care services, specialized doctors programme, center based education programme for the school-aged poor children, wat-san activities, homestead vegetable cultivation, IGA supports, vocational trainings and job creation for the unemployed youths, beggar rehabilitation and special savings programme.

Implementation process: The overall project activities are implementing in effective collaboration and linkage with the government service providers departments and local UP.

Source of fund: Palli Karmo Sahayak Foundation (PKSF).


Protyasha (Education) Project:

Duration: 01.10.2013 to 30.09.2016

Objective: To strengthen the civil society in enhancing primary school enrollment and ensuring quality education for all school-aged children in rural areas.

Major activities: Development of database of school-aged children, organize community education watch groups at union level, initiatives towards school admission of poor children, advocacy with local administration, SMC, teachers and parents, mothers gathering, organize education fair, meetings/workshops.

Implementation process: The project is being implementing in effective coordination and linkage with local UP and community education watch groups.

Source of fund: Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE).


Civic Engagement in Sustainable Management of Social Safety Net Program (SSNP):

Duration: 01.03.2014 to 30.06.2017 

Objective: To reflect people’s voice, opinion and participation in SSNP thus rights, services and entitlements of the eligible poor people ensured.

Major activities: Development of awareness on SSNP; formation of civil society forum and training to forum members and LGU; meetings, workshops and dialogue with service giver institutions; institutional performance monitoring; ensuring citizen participation in accountability tools, display of safety net services rules; parents-teachers-governing board gathering.

Implementation process: The project is being implementing with effective participation of civil society in social safety net program management; regular coordination and dialogue with LGU and service giver institutions at upazila and district level.

Source of fund: Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF).


Probeen Kallyan Karmosuchi

Duration: 01.01.2016 to on going

Objective: To promote human dignity for the old-aged people through supports them with humanitarian, social and welfare efforts.

Major activities: Baseline survey and development of database of old-aged people, recreation and refreshment, counseling, health services, skills trainings and micro-financing supports.

Implementation process: The programme is implementing through a centre based at Sirajganj municipality. A database has developed with old-aged people above sixty-five years. The interested persons gathered in the centre in the afternoon (03:00 p.m. to 6:00 pm). There are recreation materials (daily news paper, television) in the centre and having refreshment (tea) facilities for the attendants. One trained paramedic provides free health care services along with essential medicines once in a week.

Source of fund: NDP’s own fund.








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