Planning & Resource Mobilization

There is separate planning & resource mobilization (PRM) unit in the organization to design and plan the programmes, conduct efficient and participatory monitoring, and carry out documentation, research and evaluation. Planning & resource mobilization (PRM) unit is headed by Director (PRM). The unit takes appropriate initiatives to document all performances and successful events. The PRM unit helps the management in gaining regular information and feed-back on programme implementation. All the units comprise under planning & resource mobilization work independently and the whole unit is headed by the Director (PRM).

In general the evaluation for a particular project is done through appointing external consultant/expertise/ farms. Besides, on the part of the organizational management, the Director (PRM) and the Assistant Director (M&E) carry out evaluation on different projects based on its needs and accordingly make the evaluation reports. The evaluation is done for any project considering the project design, the outputs and results shown in the log-frame.