Food Security

A large number of poor people in Bangladesh facing extreme food insecurity and are unable to manage food (required calories) for all the family members everyday thus lives with poverty. It is a great challenge for the nation to achieve food security for the ultra-poor and this is totally depends on ensuring economic access to food for them. Now NDP is implementing the following project/program to food security.


  • Food security initiatives under Ujjibito Project.
  • SHOUHARDO-III Project.
  • Ensuring Sustainable Livelihood (ESL)
  • Economic Enhancement through Strengthening Beef and Goat Market System (EES).
  • VGD
  • Livelihood under ENRICH/Samriddhi Project.
  • Making Markets Work for the Chars (M4C).
  • Increasing Income of the Entrepreneurs through Dairy Cluster development and extension-VCD under PACE Project.
  • Improve Livelihood of the Farmers through Promotion of Quality Agro Inputs.