Increasing Income of the Entrepreneurs through Dairy Cluster development and extension-VCD under PACE

Duration: 01.07.2017 to 30.06.2019

Objective: Increase the production and reduce the mortality rate of the cattle through introducing improved technologies on dairy anagement and practices. Increase the price of milk in markets through linking with institutions and private sectors. Development of the clusters in Sirajgnaj like as Bagabari Ghat.

Major activities: Conduct base line survey, training on LSP (livestock service provider), Fodder demonstration, de-warming, vaccination campaign, linkage with service providers, build small entrepreneur, market linkage with milk collector and processor. Develop IEC materials etc.

Implementation process: Door to door survey and finalize the list of potential beneficiaries. Provide various trainings to the participants on dairy management. Organize demonstration plot specially on fodder cultivation and cattle management with the assistance of livestock department at District and Upazila level. Dissemination of knowledge and good practice through organizing courtyard session by the staff. In total 18000 beneficiaries will be involved with this project. This project is being implemented in 118 villages under 06 Upazilas of Sirajganj district.

Source of fund: PKSK and NDP.

M4C (Making Market Works for Chars) Project:

Duration: 01.10.2012 to 30.06.2019

Objective: To apply a participatory market system development (PMSD) approach that ensures char farmers, market actors, service providers and other private and public stakeholders to jointly analyze market system, design and implement activities as necessary.

Major activities: Formation of producer groups; farmers’ capacity development training, organize workshops and seminars; establishment of sales and service centers and collection points; market analysis, value chain and develop linkage between char producers and market actors.

Implementation process: Enhance production through fee-based technical supports and promote cooperative marketing system through establishing sales and service centers and developing linkage between char producers and market actors.

Source of fund: M4C-Swisscontact.

Ujjibito Project:

Duration: 01.01.2014 to 30.04.2019

Objective: To sustainable elimination of hunger and poverty in the poverty prone areas.

Major activities: Developing beneficiary profile and organize groups, social awareness development; health, hygiene, nutrition education; skill training on farming, non-farming and water sectors management; input supports (agricultural and non-agricultural) for IGA promotion.

Implementation process: Among two components of the project- UPP is being implementing under the guidance of MFP and RERMP (rural earthen road maintenance programme)-2 in effective coordination and linkage with local LGED.

Source of fund: EU- Palli Karmo Sahayak Foundation (PKSF).

Ensuring Sustainable Livelihoods (ESL) for Small-holder Farmers through Dairy and Beef Value Chain Enterprise Project:

Duration: 01.08.2014 to 30.06.2018

Objective: To ensure sustainable livelihoods of the poor people through pass on gifts with effective management of dairy and value chain beef fattening.

Major activities: Baseline development, beneficiary selection, foundation (12 corner stones) training, skills development in IGA and savings management, cattle vaccinator/para-vet development, small input supports and assistance for micro-finance supports in dairy and beef fatteningvalue chain.

Implementation process: The targeted beneficiaries are selected through baseline survey, PRA and WBA. Then capacities developed to the dairy and beef fattening value chain entrepreneurs and small livestock (goat) and input supports provided to them with a provision of pass on gifts.

Source of fund: Heifer International (HI).

Vulnerable Group Development(VGD) Programme

Duration: 01.03.2017 to 31.12.2018

Objective: To develop awareness and skills of the vulnerable poor women thus empower and change livelihoods.

Activities: Developing social and right-based awareness; training on skill development, IGA management, mothers & child care, STD/AIDS, vegetable cultivation, nutrition, livestock and poultry rearing; encourage in savings building and assist in developing linkage with MFIs.

Strategies: The government’s safety net program beneficiaries- VGD card holders’ poor women are given three-day field level package trainings (three and a half hours everyday) on health, nutrition, skills development and right-based awareness. The programme is being implementing under direct coordination and supervision of the department of women affairs and the trained beneficiaries are assisted for getting supports from MFI institutions.

Source of fund: Department of Women Affairs (GoB)

SHOUHARDO3 (Strengthening Households Ability to Respond to Development Opportunities) Project:

Duration: 01.01.2016 to to 30.06.2020

Objective: To improve gender equitable food security, nutrition and resilience of vulnerable people within Bangladesh for 549,000 poor and extreme poor people by 2020.

Major activities: Census survey and development of beneficiary database, facilitate in organizing VDC/EKATA/Mothers/Adolescent girls and boys groups, capacity development, skills training, agricultural and non-agricultural input supports; organizing meetings, seminar, workshops, day observance, assist in developing linkage with service providers and small infrastructural supports.

Implementation process: The project will be implementing following theory of changes (TOC) approach- Empowerment, Governance, and Engagement. The project is focusing on five purposes- (1) Agriculture and Livelihoods, (2) Health, Hygiene and Nutrition, (3) Disaster and Climate Risk Management, (4) Women’s Empowerment and Youth Engagement, and (5) Responsive Governance.

Source of fund: CARE-USAID.