Build a nation free of exploitation and poverty; ensure equality, good governance, rights and a friendly environment for all.


Provide its best effort to develop the capacity and ensure effective participation of the targeted project participants in all sorts of development initiatives utilizing the resources available to them.


Improve livelihoods and establish rights of the poor people thus contribute towards achieving National Development Goals.


  • ¬†Raise community awareness, capacity building and develop skill human resources
  • Enhance poor people participation and access to development opportunities
  • Create employment opportunities and increase income of the poor people
  • Empower and improve livelihoods and dignity of the poor people
  • Reduce food security and improve nutritional status of the extreme/ultra poor people
  • Increase poor people access to basic Primary Health Care (PHC) and FP services
  • Increase poor people access to education and promote quality education
  • Link People with Special Ability (PWD) with the main stream of development
  • Develop poor people resilience capacity to cope with disasters
  • Promote bio-diversity conservation and renewable energy making the earth good for living
  • Increase poor people access to basic rights, entitlements, information and services
  • Provide advocacy and legal supports to the poor and distressed women
  • Reduce violence against women and promote human rights, good governance and gender equality
  • Strengthen capacity of civil societies, CBO and UP in local level planning and management
  • Ensure standard and extent quality services thus earns organizational sustainability