The local government/union Parishad (UP) is the last tire of the government, the lowest administrative structure in Bangladesh. All development decisions are executed by the UP at grass root level. They are the public representative, act as making bridge between people and the government. The UP plays vital role for community development in the rural areas but unfortunately many of them do not have clear knowledge on their roles and responsibilities. As per the government’s standing order, there are thirteen standing committees on different development issues in each UP. Most of the committees are found inactive and the committee members do not meet until there is any pressure from the top administration. The UP have the authority to conduct village court and local mediation process but in most of the UP, it has found that they have a very little or no interest for it as a result poor people are deprived getting justice. NDP works closely in effective collaboration and linkage with the local UP, implement different programs with them for strengthening their capacities. It assists and encourages them in forecasting open annual budget publicly thus ensuring accountability, governance and transparency practices, thus the peoples are benefited.