Research & Documentation (R&D) Unit

NDP believes in changes and adopt the things which have proven good, more effective and user friendly. There are many success as well as failure history in the way, in which different programme activities are implementing. To promote the successful interventions as well as minimizing the failures it needs to identify the reason as well as documentation it. It can help promoting the best learning practices, upgrade NDP’s service delivery and create more acceptances within the community thus the project participants will be more benefited. Likely, minimization of the failures will save the resources thus make the programmes cost effective. Further, it can give appropriate directions for programme designing and expansions. Considering it, NDP has established the research & documentation unit.


The research & documentation of the programme activities is carried out by R&D unit, which is headed by the Manager (R&D). The unit takes appropriate initiatives to document all performances and successful events. The unit is also responsible for making annual and periodic publications like: annual reports, book-lets, case studies, magazines etc. Based on the research findings, the best learning practices are adopted in new areas and considered in future designing of any project or required modification made based on the recommendations.