Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change

Bangladesh is susceptible to a variety of disasters including cyclones, earthquakes, droughts, storm-surge and flooding. Bangladesh is also vulnerable to climate change due to its location in South Asia. The government and NGOs have made progress in preparing for much of these disasters through plans and policies by gradually shifting their disaster management approach to a comprehensive risk reduction methodology based on common disaster experiences, lessons learned, and the desire to reduce future impacts.

NDP has become a pre-qualified NGO of the UN Agency Groups (UNDP, UNICEF and WFP), disaster partner of WFP, CARE Bangladesh and Plan International. It is a member of NIRAPAD (Network of Information, Response and Preparedness Activities on Disaster), CMDRR (Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction) network in Rajshahi division, and associate member of BDPC (Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Center), disaster partner of Plan Bangladesh and also a member of DDMC (District Disaster Management

Committee) in Sirajganj. In the event of any emergency response and rehabilitation programme, it works together in collaboration and linkages with the local administration, DMCs and the NGOs working in the similar fields.

NDP has been involved in disaster management activities (rescue, emergency response and rehabilitation) since very beginning and gained vast experience taking part in several disastrous events. Considering the disaster vulnerability in the area and needs of the community, NDP has taken disaster management issue as a regular programme and accordingly it has been operating Disaster Management Project since 2005 by its own fund. The objective is to reduce disaster vulnerability enhancing capacity of the community and activating DMC. Under the project, a contingency plan is developed and makes up-dated every six months. Also, there is a team of experienced staffs and trained disaster volunteers, which helps in quick operation to face any emergencies. The organization is always ready and committed to initiate rescue and emergency response initiatives under the project in its operational areas, if there is any disaster arisen.