Legal Supports Programme

Duration: 01.07.2013 to ongoing

Objective: To supports the poor women victims getting legal rights.

Major activities: Meetings/workshops with local UP and community leaders, family counseling, local mitigation, referral and legal support to the poor women victims.

Implementation process:Knowing the findings through physical visits and try to resolve the incidence through local mitigation/family counseling and refer to DLAC for legal supports.

Source of fund: NDP’s own fund.

Combating Gender Based Violence (CGBV)

Duration: 01.07.2017 to 30.09.2021
Objective: To enhance the capacity of civil society and public institutions to address violence against women in public and private domain
Major activities: Baseline survey, group formation, awareness session at school and college level, meeting with social support committee, strengthen legal aid committees at Union and Upazila levels, organize social audit, campaign, surveillance visits etc.
Implementation process: The programme is being implemented in group approach. There are different village level groups: male, female, adolescent (boys and girls) and youth. Conduct regular sessions and meeting with the groups. Group’s members are actively involved in stopping violence against women and girls at their village level. Civil societies are encouraged to act as pressure group to establish women human rights. Coordination with different government agencies and private organizations who are involved in women rights issues.
Source of fund: Swedish Sida and MJF