Dining Facilities

There is a well-furnished dining hall room with capacity to accommodate 90 guests at a time. The professional cooks and caterer are ready to prepare the Bangladeshi foods and serve the participants and guests.  Any special occasions for the participants, single family or individuals is also entertained.


Food post

Food Item Price
Breakfast (Ruti/Parota/Khichuri,  mixed  vegetable/pulse/ egg and  tea) Tk. 50.00

(Plane rice, chicken/mutton/fish, mixed  vegetable and lentil soup)

Tk. 120.00

(Singara/samucha/biscuit/cake and tea)

Tk. 20.00
Tea Tk. 6.00
Coffee Tk. 15.00
Soft drinks Tk. 20.00 (250 ml)
Curd Tk. 40.00
Fresh water Tk. 15.00 (500 ml)

Any special dish can be served in consultation


Time of Meal

1. Breakfast:  07:30 am – 08:30am

2. Lunch:  12:30 pm – 14:30 pm

3. Dinner:  19:30 pm – 21:30 pm