Low Income Community Housing Support Programme(LICHSP)

Duration: 15.02.2017 to ongoing

Objective: To improve living conditions in selected low income and informal settlement in designated municipalities in Bangladdesh.

Loan Purpose: House improvement/renovation, House extension, House construction.

Loan Features: Loan Tenure maximum 5 years, loan size maximum 4 lac, annual service charge 12% (decline balance method), installment payable by monthly, number of installment maximum 60, installment type EMI(prin+SC).

Implementation process: This is a pilot project of Sirajganj Pourosova. Implementing with the assistance of PKSF.

Achievements till June 2018: Tk. 2.37 crore disbursed among 83 borrowers and ensured 83 houses renovation, extension and construction.

Source of fund: World Bank throgh PKSF.