Micro-Finance Programme (MFP) updated on June 2019

Duration: 01.01.1994 to ongoing.

Objective: Change livelihoods of the target beneficiaries through economic empowerment.

Components: There are seven components under MFP, which are- I. JAGORON II. AGROSOR III. BUNIAD IV. SUFOLON V. KGF (SUFOLON) VI. SAHOS and VII. LIFT (Land Lease for Ultra Poor), Agrosor (SEP), ENRICH IGA, ENRICH AC, ENRICH LI . Each component has its different loan ceiling with own characteristics

Major activities:Baseline survey, facilitate grass-root organization (somittee) building, awareness raising, training, savings building, credit operation and marketing assistance.

Operational units: Zonal Office- 3, Area Office- 11 and Branch Office- 59.

Members: : 96,432 now enrolled in 5,558 somittee (groups), of which about 96% are female. The principal loan outstanding is Tk.246.81 crore with 77,662 borrowers (80.54% coverage) and the savings accumulation is Tk.78.863 crore .

Major Ratio Analysis: OTR 99.72%, CRR 99.93%, Liquidity Ratio 10.56%, Portfolio at Risk 0.66%, Delinquent Ratio 0.55%, Debt : Equity 1.74:1

Partnership with PKSF: Since 10.08.2005.

MRA Registration: NDP obtain MRA registration on 29.04.2008, vide # 0122900332-00222.

Accountability: ‘MFP Citizen Charter’ containing relevant information on MFP services has posted in different public places including office premises for public visibility.

Source of fund: Palli Karmo Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) is the main donor. Besides, the group savings, organization’s own fund, bank loan (south east bank limited, brac bank limited, standard bank limited, prime bank limited, IDLC) are also utilized in credit operation.